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Norfolk County council is taking a wait and see approach to the situation on Hastings Drive in Long Point.

Property owner Mary Weber made a public deputation to council on Tuesday asking for those who own vacant lots on the 3.2 kilometre strip of land be able to park tr...

Five parties have appealed Norfolk council’s decision to allow camping trailers and recreational vehicles on vacant lots on Hastings Drive. One of the appellants is the Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing.

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June 16, 2016

Last the public heard about Hastings Drive in Long Point is that County Staff was looking into two new bylaws that would either allow recreational vehicles to use the hazard lands or have new single dwelling homes built there. What people may not have known is that the...

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A ban on development that’s been in place on Hastings Drive in Long Point for 30 years may come to an end if county council gets its way. Owners of vacant lots want to make more use of their properties. Development has been banned since a winter st...

A severe winter storm in the mid-1980s laid waste to much of Hastings Drive in Long Point. More than a dozen property owners are mounting a push to allow for recreational camping in the affected area, which has since been zoned hazard land.  

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LONG POINT - Hastings Drive on Long Point, a narrow strip of land that has been battered by vicious storms over the years and is now officially hazard land, could come back to life with trailers.  

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