1980 LPRA Letter RE: Issues & Options Report Hastings Drive

On behalf of the Long Point (Norfolk) Ratepayers Association and with respect to the 1980 Issues and Options Report a letter concerning the landowners rights to rebuild their cottages was sent to the Township of Norfolk from their legal representatives.

Our concern is that the content of the District Plan contain sufficient wording which would permit in the comprehensive restricted area zoning by-law the right of a non-conforming use, regardless of zone designation, to be continued and to allow rebuilding, renovation, repair, etc. in the event of a partial or total destruction of such non-conforming use. This aspect of the matter is of most importance to the Association and essentially it is a matter of allowing the rebuilding, replacement, etc. of existing non-conforming uses in any zone specified in the zoning by-law. We do not believe that this right to rebuild or replace should be denied simply because the non-conforming use exists in a zone designated environmental protection.

Read Full LPRA 1980 Legal Letter to Norfolk County

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