Re-open Hastings Drive to development: property owners

Norfolk is sitting on a gold mine in Long Point, but there is skepticism that the county will ever cash in on it.

Of the 149 building lots on Hastings Drive, 50 belong to the county.

Norfolk council heard last week that the land could be worth as much as $6 million if the resort residential designation the area once enjoyed were restored.

The Long Point Region Conservation Authority and the Ministry of Natural Resources rezoned Hastings Drive as hazard land 25 years ago after two devastating storms destroyed dozens of cottages along the Long Point shoreline.

"I think Norfolk County is sitting on a huge resource," said Randy Mawhiney, owner of a lot on Hastings Drive. "I'm sure a lot of people are wondering why Norfolk County is not going after the LPRCA and the provincial government to have these lands rezoned."

Mawhiney also asked why cottage owners in Ontario don't get a chance to rebuild when owners of resort properties in the American south are allowed to rebuild repeatedly with each passing hurricane season.

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