Riggs Report - Guidance on Shoreline Alterations along Hastings Drive

This document deals with evaluating impact of certain types of shoreline alterations being proposed for properties along Hastings Drive, located in the Village of Long Point, Ontario. When evaluating development proposals the LPRCA is bound by Ontario Regulation 178/06. The Guidance document relied by staff prior to rendering decisions regarding shoreline alteration is the LPRCA Shoreline Management Plan (SMP 1989).

O.Reg. 178/06 generally prohibits developments in areas affected by flooding, erosion and dynamic beaches. Hastings Drive falls within this area and O.Reg. 178/06 further states that a permission for development in the generally prohibited areas may be granted "if, in its (LPRCA's) opinion, the control of flooding, erosion, dynamic beaches, pollution or the conservation of land will not be affected by the development". The intent of the regulation is to allow development to proceed, but only in cases where risk to life and property damage is reduced, while at the same time not interfering with natural processes at play. Read the Full Riggs Report

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