Beachfront Property for Sale for $5,323.40???

Recently Norfolk County announced the sale of two beach front properties in Long Point being offered for sale for the amount of outstanding taxes owing. 303 Hasting’s Drive, Long Point is offered for sale by public tender for a minimum of $5,323.40. Another vacant waterfront property along Hasting’s Drive is also being offered for sale for taxes owing in the amount of $7,172.59.

After three years of unpaid property taxes, a property may be entered into the tax sale process. A tax sale is the sale of one or more properties by a municipality, to recover unpaid property taxes on those properties. Tax sales are conducted either by public auction or by public tender.

Treasury officials were unavailable for comment. However, Mayor Luke speculated that the high arrears on the vacant lots in Long Point may stem from the possibility that the land was abandoned 30 years ago after a devastating winter storm erased dozens of cottages from the shoreline. Soon after, Haldimand-Norfolk Region declared a hazard land designation on Hastings Drive and imposed a moratorium on new development.

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