Hastings Drive property owners speak up

ST. WILLIAMS - One relatively small piece of land is cause for big concern in Norfolk County. Friday marked the first of public meetings for land and cottage owners to express their thoughts on what should be done with a portion of Hastings Drive in Long Point. A 1985 storm destroyed 16 cottages on the road, and the former Haldimand-Norfolk Region reacted by imposing a hazard land designation on Hastings. The designation forbids development or occupation of affected properties located west of 43 Hastings Dr. Cottages that survived the storm were exempt. Recently, Norfolk council revisited the issue, and has hired Kitchener consulting firm MacNaughton Hermsen Britton Clarkson Planning Ltd. to recommend the best course of action. Representatives Pierre Chauvin (project manager) and Dan Currie (facilitator) met with land and cottage owners at the St. Williams Community Centre.

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