Breaking Ground

With winter approaching the water levels had significantly receded and the sand had moved in, creating almost no in-water work on install day. Only a few of the piles locations had to be slightly adjusted due to hitting cement buried within the lake bed. Each pile was screwed into the ground within minutes. The time consuming part was lifting the piles one by one from the truck to the property.

Mr. Paul Campbell was the Postech installer of the 12 steel helical piles for the dock. Included

below is a video, install pictures, the pile torque chart and Mr. Campbell’s site specific

comments which stated; based on cohesion-less soil, and obtaining 3,500 psi (at approx. 13

feet depth into lake bed), each pile had a minimum bearing compression of 23,279 lbs and

tension of 13,488 lbs (279,348 lbs compression for all 12 piles).

To give some perspective on the dock piles carrying capacity based on the bearing compression achieved into the ground on Hastings Drive, they could physically hold the weight of a 4-storey house. There is a 16 inch helix on the end of each pile which holds the weight and stops any uplift from winter heave. Every pile is galvanized and filled with foam at the base. Piles came in 10 foot sections and 20 feet of pile (2 sections bolted together while installing) was used for each location. A laser level was used to mark the top of the piles and a grinder cut them to level.

Postech out of London was the installer, there website is and the contact was Mr. Paul Campbell Tel. 519 878-7315

Before breaking ground I made sure to define the property boundaries by getting Kim Husted Surveyors to stake the corners. They are located out of Tillsonburg, and can be reached at (519) 842-3638, they are very familiar with Hastings Drive.

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