Steel Framing

Higher winds came with November and the waves took away most of the sand, revealing the unmaintained shoreline protection (timber posts, cement rubble and granite boulders), all which is at end of life. With the sand out and the waves in, the welding of the i-beams and angle iron involved some in-water work with the ladders. After capping the piles, Brent the welder from Oakes Welding out of Brantford ensured the i-beams were level and square on all piles prior to welding.

Brad Dedrick out of Port Rowan used his excavator to easily pickup the i-beams, weighing in at almost 1,000 lbs and place onto the dock piles, assisting Brent in making everything line up. Oakes Welding supplied all steel material, pre-fabricated to fit dimensions, L-bracket welded every 12", and primed painted. I-beam specifications: 60,000+ psi ultimate yeild strength, 6.5" Wide, 8" Tall, 0.4" Flange, 1/4" Web, 24 lbs per foot. Two of the i-beams were 34 feet long and one was 14 feet long.

Once the i-beams were secured to the piles, angle iron was used to stiffen the frame by welding crosses throughout. Once completed the dock was now taking shape, extremely strong and ready for the cedar 2 x 10 sub floor to be bolted into the 3/8” diameter holes near the top of all L-Brackets. Lets hope the cold winter weather holds off!

Randy and Keith Oakes

Oakes Welding, Brantford

(519) 759-0550

Brad Dedrick

Dedrick Excavating, Port Rowan

(519) 429-9057

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