Boat Lift

With the help of Brent from Oakes Welding, we were able bolt the boat lift track onto the dock piles. Thankfully they fit perfectly, both on vertical and horizontal heights. The lift is called the Mini Mag 2800 and was shipped from Boat Lifts Unlimited out of Maryland. They are typically used on Ocean waters where water levels fluctuate frequently, yet they did say they have some Canadian customers. With Lake Erie water levels constantly changing it seemed like a good idea and it can easily hold my 16' Lund, which fully loaded with the motor on will be under 1,000 lbs. The lifts carrying capacity is 2,800 lbs, so I'm more then ok.

Typically in the summer fishing season, the lift is in the water and can launch the boat just by lowering down. Yet, in Spring and Fall the water is typically out further and I have a rolling slide out track to get the boat to the water, and the winch to get it back to the lift.

During those harry storms the boat is high and dry and my mind is at ease.

Boat Lifts Unlimited

Odenton, Maryland

tel: (410) 674-3100

Model: Mini Mag 2800

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