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Things got a little heated Tuesday night at Town Hall. Councillor Noel Haydt raised a motion to look at Shoreline Protection in Long Point, including Hastings Drive. Councillor Peter Black raised two points of order in the motion, which was whether or not council could discuss it because shorelines are typically covered by the Long Point Region Conservation Authority and whether or not Councillor Haydt was able to bring up the issue, to begin with.

It was agreed that council could discuss the matter, but once Black brought up that fact that Haydt owns property on Hastings Drive and that he had pecuniary interest...it did not go over well.

Haydt said the issue was for Long Point with Hastings Drive just being a part of the problem.

Former councilor Betty Chanyi, who was in attendance, had already informed Haydt that she would be taking legal actions against him should the motion go through.

Other councilors noted the county owns land on Hastings as well.

Haydt showed a slideshow of beaches disappearing and roads around Hastings that have been entirely flooded as of Monday, noting this is a Norfolk County problem that needs to be addressed. Ultimately, it was voted to send the report to the LPRCA to get their feedback on the issue before coming back to council.

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