'Never expected it to get this high so fast’

Peter Selk has seen water levels rise and fall during a 70-year history in Long Point, but his first visit of 2017 still generated a bit of a shock.

“Never expected it to get this high so fast,” admitted Selk, who still has a 20 to 30 metre buffer between Lake Erie’s new coastline and his 95 Woodstock Ave. cottage, but is down three backyard trees and 20 to

30 metres of Crown land beach.

Admittedly, he’s seen far worse — memories which add perspective to the current situation. Many speak of the storm of 1985, when residents were extricated in the bucket of an excavator; but Selk hearkens

further back to the destructive 1954 force of hurricane Hazel, which resulted in at least a couple of cottages bobbing around in Long Point’s inner bay.

“You could see their roofs,” he recalled Friday. “Every 50 or 100 years, this happens.”

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