Etobicoke man builds elaborate structure on hazard land

The Long Point Region Conservation Authority approved this surprisingly elaborate structure on Hastings Drive in Long Point as a dock project. The LPRCA and the owner have since had a disagreement over whether the structure requires a building permit.

Despite the LPRCA’s reservations, Corke appears to have the Norfolk County building department in his corner. Fritz

Enzlin, Norfolk’s chief building official, has examined the structure and concluded that it is within the rules.

For one, a building permit is needed for all structures with a floor area of 108-square-feet or greater. The sheltered area of Corke’s dock box covers about 93-square-feet.

The structure also has no plumbing, which would require a building permit and subsequent inspection.

In a recent interview, Enzlin said the sheltered portion of the dock is not a problem because dock builders can install a

“change house” if they wish.

“It’s a nice looking structure,” Enzlin said. “Someone spent a lot of money on this thing. Someone is following within the parameters of the law. There’s nothing we can do. There’s no zoning bylaw violation and no building code violations that we can tell.”

The Corke family secured a 100-year lease on this portion of Hastings in 1947. The family’s cottage was destroyed in the 1985 storm.

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