Name board belongs to steamer that sank near Long Point in 1922

SIMCOE - A colourful piece of Norfolk’s past is on the auction block in New Hamburg.

Miller and Miller Auctions has been commissioned to sell the name board of the steamer City of Dresden.

Those familiar with the lore and legend of Long Point will smile in recognition. The City of Dresden was the boat that washed ashore near Port Rowan in 1922 with a hold full of contraband whisky.

The gavel comes down on the artifact Feb. 10. The auction house estimates it will sell for between $3,000 and $3,500. Miller and Miller contacted The Reformer in case someone wants to buy it for a local museum.“If there’s some donor that’s interested in the history, this is a great opportunity to return it to Norfolk,” said Ethan Miller, a partner in the auction house.The late historian Harry Barrett, of Port Dover, shared details of the Dresden incident in a story titled, The Night The Whisky Ship Ran Aground.

As Barrett tells it, the City of Dresden was a rickety steamer en route to Michigan with 1,000 cases and 500 kegs of Corby’s whisky. This being Prohibition, the shipment was allegedly destined for Mexico.

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A GoFundMe page has been set up to allow the community of Norfolk County to come together to purchase the sign "City of Dresden" to ensure our history remains in Norfolk. The City of Dresden is a remarkable piece of Norfolk County history and should remain in Norfolk for years to come. This is one of very few surviving remnants of the rum running heritage contained in our municipality and to remove this does a disservice to future generation to learn of our collective "colorful" past. This is the chance for the people of Norfolk to come together to preserve our collective heritage. If the campaign is successful the sign will be donated to the Norfolk County Heritage and Culture Department. Please consider funding this amazing campaign to ensure the heritage of Norfolk County is preserved for future generations.

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