L-P-R-C-A in hot water after going against OMB ruling in Long Point

More headaches on Hastings Drive in Long Point.

Last month, the Ontario Municipal Board ruled that no development or overnight stays in RVs or trailers were allowed on the deemed hazard lands.

But as of last week, members of the Long Point Region Conservation Authority continued to hand out permits to property owners allowing them to build structures.

Norfolk’s GM of Development and Cultural Services Chris Baird advised council that is not only against the law, but its by-law department will have to inform people to remove their newly built structures.

Councillor Doug Brunton, who sits on the board at Long Point Region Conservation Authority, said there was some confusion as they felt the old rules would still apply until an official bylaw was worded by the Province.

Baird said the new rules kicked in after the OMB made its ruling on April 16th.

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