Same Country yet different Provincial Flood Damage Responses

This year has caused significant flood damage in developed areas all over Canada, yet how each Province has responded is quite different. Below I have highlighted some articles, where New Brunswick has recognized the economic impact the flood damage will have and taken the initiative to secure financial relief from the Federal Government to assist these property owners. Yet, on the other hand the Ontario Government seems to be turning a blind eye to the dangerously high Lake Erie water levels and the flood damage this has recently caused along shoreline properties. Instead of seeking Federal assistance after assessing the damages, they have decided to take their time to compile a report, create stricter policies and serve eviction notices forcing residents to immediately abandon their homes without any compensation.

I must say being a proud Canadian I am recently ashamed at how the Ontario government has handled flood damage. They not only have ignored property owners, they have actually stepped in and made things worse by kicking them out through downzoning and eviction notices. As a long-standing property owner (over half a Century ) on Hastings Drive bordering Lake Erie, I have recently witnessed Ontario's disregard for property rights with a recent Ontario Municipal Board ruling for my street, which stated in point [170] - "Where the health and safety of existing or future inhabitants are involved, where there are patent and imminent hazards to the well-being of the community, the municipality should have the unfettered discretion to sterilize the use of lands, without the additional burden of compensation."

I warn property owners in Ontario that have had recent flood damage, to be wary when notifying the powers at be, and just get your family, friends and neighbours to do what is necessary to fix your property as fast as possible. If the Ontario government becomes aware of your flood damage, there is a good chance they will kick you out immediately or overtime with very strict policies created, and absolutely no compensation.

ONTARIO Flood Damage - April & May, 2018:

Lakefront (Lake Erie) Dunnville residents have been told to abandon their homes

"Served with eviction notices, six residents will be forced to abandon their homes if they can’t find a way to prevent any further erosion. Many of the residents planned to live out there retirement on Villella road in Dunnville but says two weeks ago they were served with an notice." Click to Read Full Article

Homeowners demand action as provincial team inspects Lake Erie flood damage

The Provincial Disaster Assistance Team spent Monday combing through flood ravaged areas in Leamington assessing the damage from last week's storm. According to ministry officials, the team will be compiling a report for Minster Bill Mauro. Once the report is assessed, the Minster will decide whether to activate the Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontario program. Click to Read Full Article

Ontario Municipal Board Decision on Hastings Drive, Lake Erie

As a result of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs intervening and taking the lead as Party within this hearing, combined with Ontario Provincial Policy, the OMB ruling for Hastings Drive going forward has sterilized all new uses and new buildings and/or structures, except for the launching of a boat for day use and excluding a physical boat launch. The rest of Long Point, Turkey Point and Port Dover should be aware and concerned of this ruling, since it is very troubling that ones property can be downzoned, devalued and completely sterilized without any compensation, if the powers at be feel justified by the potential Hazards present. Click to Read Full Article

NEW BRUNSWICK Flood Damage - May 9, 2018:

Province works on some financial relief for cottagers devastated by flood

Cottagers whose properties have been damaged by major flooding this spring could be getting some financial assistance from the province, given the economic impact of cottages and summer tourism on surrounding areas, Premier Brian Gallant said Wednesday.

"This is about just doing everything we can to try and get our province and the people impacted back to normal, Gallant said in an interview.

Last week, the province launched a financial aid program for people affected by severe flooding this spring — a program set by the federal government, which pays for about 90 per cent of its costs. Click to Read Full Article

Other's take on recent Lake Erie flood damage and how the Province has or hasn't responded:

Full article available here

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