On August 21st all candidates standing for positions of mayor and council in Norfolk County in the 2018 Municipal Election were provided with the below e-mail on behalf of the Norfolk Field Naturalists, a not-for-profit, charitable organization:

Dear Norfolk Council Candidate,

I am writing to you on behalf of the Norfolk Field Naturalists.

As citizens of this beautiful county we are very fortunate to have such an amazing diversity of land and natural habitats, including protected areas and abundant wildlife. We are home to a world biosphere reserve, 2 provincial parks, conservation lands, land trust properties and private woodlots. We boast older growth Carolinian forests, migratory bird stopovers, tallgrass prairies, cold water streams and kilometres of sandy shoreline.

We want to know where you stand on environmental issues in our County. We invite you to respond to the following question:

In updating the Norfolk Official Plan, consultants indicated that the citizens of Norfolk highly value the natural green spaces and rural atmosphere they live in. Over the last few years there have been several important issues discussed by Council that have a significant environmental component (for example, Silver Lake, the Long Point Causeway, Hastings Drive and roadside mowing delays to protect wildlife and natural habitat). If you are elected, what will your position be on protecting Norfolk’s natural spaces, including the specific issues listed here?

Please send your answer to me by no later than Friday, August 31st. We will share your response with our membership, as well as with other conservation organizations in Norfolk. We will also share your responses with local print media and on social media. Our objective is to provide our Norfolk community with information to help make an informed vote on issues they hold dear.

Thank you in advance and good luck on October 22nd.

Yours in Nature, Bernie

Bernie Solymár, Past-President & Director of Environment, Norfolk Field Naturalists

The deadline for responses was August 31st. At that point we had received only 14 responses from a total of 36 candidates. A second deadline of September 7th was provided to the non-respondents. An additional 7 responded by that second deadline.

In total, 21 candidates responded, and 2 did not receive our questionnaire as their e-mail address was listed incorrectly on the Norfolk County website. Nineteen (19) candidates did not respond to our question.

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