Norfolk told to act on Hastings Drive

LONG POINT – A property owner in Long Point has chided Norfolk County for being “a terrible neighbour.”

Mary Weber owns cottages on Hastings Drive. At a time of record high water levels in Lake Erie, Weber says it is unacceptable that the county is doing nothing to protect its shoreline on Hastings from wave erosion.

At the July 2 meeting of Norfolk council, Weber said private property owners on Hastings have buffered the shoreline and – as a result – are protecting their land from erosion. More importantly, Weber says their vigilance is keeping Hastings Drive passable for vehicular traffic.

But the same can’t be said for Hastings Drive adjacent to county land. Norfolk has not maintained its breakwalls in these areas, Weber said, and as a result the road is at risk of eroding away.

“Do we not deserve at least the same consideration as you’ve given species-at-risk – frogs, toads, snakes and fish?” Weber asked council.

“This work can be done to the satisfaction of all species – including people.”

At a minimum, Weber wants Norfolk to reset the stone and concrete barriers on its property to protect the beach and the road next to it.

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