Flooding returns to Norfolk County

The lakeshore areas of Norfolk County experienced heavy flooding twice in the span of a week.

Turkey Point, Long Point and Port Dover all saw high levels of water come in from Lake Erie into the low-lying areas on Thursday night.

Denise Kirby of Long Point had a tough decision to make on Friday morning. Kirby owns a home in Long Point and a business in Port Dover, and she had to decide which she would tend to first.

While moving merchandise off of the floor at Lakeside Décor and Gifts on Harbour St. in Dover, Kirby said she was thankful for the crews that were working early in the morning to help clean up the damage done throughout the community.

Kirby said her drive out of Long Point included rocks and trees all over the roads, and bulldozers clearing the way.

Link to full Reformer Article: https://www.simcoereformer.ca/news/local-news/flooding-returns-to-norfolk-county

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