Lakefront Dunnville residents have been told to abandon their homes

May 10, 2018

Served with eviction notices, six residents will be forced to abandon their homes if they can’t find a way to prevent any further erosion. Many of the residents planned to live out there retirement on Villella road in Dunnville but says two weeks ago they were served with an notice.


The battle between water and land is nothing new for Lake Erie, although the Conservation Authority says it has sped up in the past few years.


“We haven’t had the freeze up that would prevent the damage in the winter, during the large winter and spring storms, as well a higher water level which we have to investigate.”

Haldimand county councillor Rob Shirton says he’s trying to buy the residents time until they think of a more permanent solution.


“I’m hoping to buy them another 30 days, because most of the erosion has taken place will be pretty constant now to the next winter spring season.”

In order for the evicted residents to continue living in their homes they’d need to install a breakwall, which sometimes costs upwards of $100 000.

In the meantime, the county and the Conservation Authority say they’re working on funding for the homeowners, as well as finding a more permanent solution to the problem.


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