Norfolk County's Red Tape is on the Chopp'ing Block

August 16, 2018

Recently there was an article released titled, "Norfolk County ranks near the bottom as the best places to live in Canada" as per MoneySense Magazine.   Being a beach front property owner in Norfolk County, and knowing the beauty of the area I can't help but shake my head at these studies.   Yet, being a long-standing family property owner on a very controversial street known as Hastings Drive, our family has also seen the ugly side of Norfolk's bureaucratic red tape for reasonable enjoyment of ones private property.   There is great potential in Norfolk County and with the right people leading the way I truly believe the County could quickly be one of the best places to live and/or vacation in Canada.   


With Kristal Chopp recently entering the mayoral race (Norfolk Today Article), she may just be that breath of fresh air the County needs.  Chopp's only weakness for becoming Mayor appears to be her lack of a political background.   Yet, her extensive resume which includes an Engineering Degree with McMaster University, a Law degree from Western University, an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business and an Air Canada pilot shows she is a very quick learner and up for any task she puts her mind to.   


Chopp's core platform:  "I would like to create a planning department that actually supports small businesses by reducing red tape and setting realistic regulations for development.  I would like to see us drastically simplify and improve Norfolk's permitting process for private property owners.  And I would like to stregthen the chain of accountability of Norfolk County's public servants."


Chopp is no stranger to Norfolk County's red tape, as she has experienced it first hand in her attempt to open a brewery in Port Dover.   Chopp stated in a recent article directed towards her and titled '$100,000 in paperwork is keeping a Port Dover brewery from opening' , "Norfolk's Mission Statement claims we are working together with our community to provide quality services.  In my view the process at the Municipality has been entirely adversarial from the beginning.  I don't believe they have been working to support small business in Port Dover, and quite honestly for me it seems its been an autocracy in the Planning Department with nobody to hold them accountable."   


Ms. Chopp's legal and business background combined with her personal knowledge of Norfolk's red tape and autocracy may just be the right formula to propel Norfolk County into one of the best places to live in Canada.  

A Corke Point approved candidate - Kristal Chopp for Mayor


Simcoe Reformer Image & Article on Chopp




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