The Difference Between Long Point and Hastings is...

July 13, 2019

Here is Long Point described through pictures over the last three years (2017-2019):


You all know what Hastings looks like due to it's constant media attention.  So to answer the question, the difference between Long Point and Hastings Drive is... NOTHING.   Both are susceptible to erosion in extreme high water and wind events if no shoreline protection is present.  


Where I struggle with all of this, is the expectation I have of a community as a whole to advocate for private property rights for all within.   The Long Point Ratepayers' Association (LPRA) was established in 1961 for the purpose of promoting the general interest and welfare of the Long Point Community.  My Grandfather was a member and I am also a member.   I have seen past letters in the 80's from the LPRA, with the aide of lawyers strictly defending private property rights for Hastings and Long Point.  


Yet, I was very disheartened to learn that the LPRA President Eric Gunnell threw Hastings Drive private property rights under a bus on May 3, 2016 in a formal letter on behalf of the Association and all members directed to Norfolk County senior planning.   


"One of the main purposes of the Conservation Authorities Act (Section 28 Regulations) is to "protect peoples' lives and property from natural hazards such as flooding and erosion".   In our view (Long Point Ratepayers' Association), if Council does not support your proposed By-Law amendment which is restrictive to any future development, such, a decision would open Norfolk County to liabilities in the event of any harm to peoples' lives..."


I didn't realize Mr. Gunnell was a lawyer, let alone able to give a legal opinion on behalf of all the Ratepayers for the potential (if any) liabilities the County would have on Hastings Drive.  Does he not realize what he has stated could be used against his property, the entire Long Point community, Turkey Point, Dover and pretty much any shoreline within the Great Lakes.   


There was once a time when the Ratepayers' would strongly standup to the powers at be for protecting private property rights and I do have faith this time will come again, yet unfortunately it may take an Act of God for this unity to happen.  


Hopefully during this record breaking high water Long Point doesn't become an island once again, because if you combine that with a failed bridge, Hastings Drive is the only other mainland point of entry for emergency services.






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