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Howard Corke (Grandfather of current owners), and two others shared a 99-year lease of Lot 58 at 165 Hastings Drive, where a cottage was initially used as a base to go duck hunting (prior to Howard being married).


After several years the other two leasees transferred their part of the lease to Howard Corke. Howard Corke became the sole leaser.



After Hurricane Hazel, Howard Corke and his brother Ed Corke were allowed to purchase lot 58 at 165 Hastings Drive, conditional on rebuilding a cottage. 


Howard & Ed Corke obtained a building permit from the local South Willingham inspector Mr. Pete Overbaugh, to build a 1-story cottage on 165 Hastings Drive Lot 58. The two families enjoyed building and multi-family recreational use of the cottage and property for several years.


During this time period we gained a neighbour directly west, at 167 Hastings Drive (Lot 59), who built a small cottage. Only a few feet separated the two cottages since they were both very close to the joining property line (and the front of this cottage was closer to the water than our cottage).

Mid 1970‘s

Timber piling shoreline protection installed.


Howard Corke purchased the neighbour’s cottage at 167 Hastings Drive Lot 59.



Ed Corke sold his portion of the cottage property at 165 Hastings Drive Lot 58 to his brother Howard Corke. Howard Corke obtained a permit from the Haldimand-Norfolk Regional Health Unit to replace the cottage septic system with a 2,000 gallon Class 2-6 Sewage Holding Tank. This was a requirement by the County due to high water.

Early 1980’s

Break-wall of large rocks was installed for shoreline protection between the lake and the cottage.



After the passing of Norfolk Zoning By-Law 1-NO-85, which took away the right for cottages to be rebuilt.  A severe storm damaged the cottage, and soon after a fire mysteriously burnt down the damaged cottage. Burn marks can still be seen on some of the original footings. 


Both prior to 1985 and after family members every year continued to use the property for many uses including boating, fishing, duck hunting, swimming, beach going, camping (bbq, campfires, stargazing, tents and trailers) and just in general both day and night recreational use all while parking a vehicle on the lot.  


Our family has continued to pay property taxes and constantly maintained the property (cleaned garbage up, fixed any no trespassing/private property signs, and ensured the property markers and fencing were still in place).  Video surveillance in more recent years. 

The property was continually used to the extent possible (family recreation & camping), with an intention always to rebuild the family cottage to the old footprint one day, when the County finally lifted the "no-rebuild" policy.

2012 to Present

Howard and Mary Corke's grandchildren, Michael Neely and Stephen Corke inherited the family properties and made several improvements to the property including a change house, pavilion, dock and shoreline protection repair. 

The family cottage’s original footings, large cement fireplace/chimney base, Holding Tank and shoreline protection remain to this day.

For many years the Corke Point webcams have been a great tool for our family, local residents, cottagers and tourists in assessing live weather events in Long Point.

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